Cullinan Studio recognises the impact that its activities make on the environment.

In 2008 a newly devised Environmental Management System sought to build on previous good policies and initiatives developed through the ethos of the practice to attain ISO 14001 accreditation. Through this scheme the practice began to measure its energy and resources consumption and subsequent carbon emissions.

From January 2009 a footprint has been produced annually. Since 2006 members of Cullinans have taken part in recording their own personal carbon footprints to show our personal commitment to the environment. A detailed account of all energy consumption is contained within the office energy report.

Office Carbon Footprint (Jan 12 - Dec 12)

8.68 25%
15.2 44%
Water: 0.08 0%
Waste: 0.19 1%
Business Travel 7.18 20%
Commuter Travel 3.4 10%
TOTAL 35.04  
Total Carbon Footprint
35.04 tCO2e

1.3 tCO2e Av. per person (26 employees)
2.9 tCO2e Av. per month (12 months)

Personal Footprints

Over the last few years Cullinan employees have each completed their own personal carbon footprints. The following charts detail all employees and their own footprints. Each year of entry is for the previous calender year period (2009 figures are completed in 2010 etc).

Office Sustainable Milestones:

  Sustainable Commitment Energy Products Travel & Social Waste Management People
2012 Completed and moved into the Foundry - a BREEAM 'Excellent' retrofit of a Victorian warehouse building       Signed up to WRAP.
Waste to landfill reduced by 30 per cent.
Materials from old office recycled for new uses e.g., benches made from plywood toilet doors.
2011   Signed up to commitment to reduce carbon footprint by 40 per cent by 2020 (on 2008 figures)     Zero waste to landfill introduced  
2010   Switch over to Green Energy
as sole electricity supplier
On-tray CPD lunches from local sandwich shop
= less waste + support of local businesses
2008 Environmental Management System
ISO 14001 Certification
Full Carbon Footprint produced
Monitoring modes of transport
  Create Travel Plan for the office    
2007   Dual flushes in all toilets   Bus travel passes
Increased cycling facilities
Platter lunches - reduced/no waste  
2006   Replaced all bulbs with Eco-Bulbs
Began monitoring energy use
Weekly organic fruit basket
Sustainable Office supplies
Eco-Friendly cleaning products
Ride to Work Scheme Disposal of toner cartridges support of charity Travel insurance provided for staff
2005   Personal Carbon Footprints       Local School-leaver Work Placement Scheme (up to 2007)
Began assistance with 'Crisis at Christmas' charity
2004       Ethical Pension provider Disposal of Computers in support of charities  
2003       Gym Corporate Membership Scheme    
2001   Renewable Green Energy tariff     Recycling/Waste Management Collections  
1995     Fair trade beverage supplies      
1991   Motion sensors in toilets